Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Few Lyrics from some Tin Tin Can Songs (More to Come)

"Bandwagon (Abducted by Aliens)"

You start talking to the moon and the belltower is ringing like careless ocean waves.  When you walk into the room I can hear you hit the walls: it's a clattering of plates - more like a Dixieland Jazz Band.  The stars cry through your window and the birds are sleeping silently in the trees and in the ground, and that big light shining above your bedroom, baby, is a burden in the clouds.  It's not a dream you're having, but maybe I am.  If you ever come back here, look me up again: I'll be waiting for you to return.

I don't mind if you jump onto the bandwagon and forget me like everyone else is doing, my dear.  I can't wait for you to get abducted by aliens.

"What Fireworks"

Oh, Sylvia, step out of the rain.  You don't have to get so soaked.  I'm just happy to see you at my front door.  I'll take the blame.  I'll walk on glass if you'll only come inside.  We can read our fortunes in tea leaves.  Was it you who said that's how we get to perfection?  You said that you made it to the black hills and the miners' lights were like stars; how you slept on a coal bank and watched fireworks.  What fireworks?  If you don't want my money, give it to somebody who gives a damn.


  1. So, I was definitely going to send you a note today and ask you about these two songs specifically. It's just like you KNEW what was in my head. Creep.