Sunday, October 24, 2010

News of the Day: Recording

Saturday, Tin Tin Can recorded lots of bass and some vocals. The bass was recorded in our old practice space - empty now and it kind of looks like a prison cell without our equipment taking up the space. The room was still hot and smelled like stale beer. Oh, the memories...
Justin's song, "Helena, Helena" is nearly complete, except for some basic mixing. "Bandwagon (Abducted by Aliens)" is getting close: a few more instruments to add and then overdubs. We've got a couple others in the bag as well. Scratch tracks to some new Justin songs and some news of my own have been laid down too.

We're getting there, slow and sure, but there. Looks like we may have a 7" split with Kissing Club soon too. Jake's heading to Chicago in November to record a new song. If you haven't heard yet, you should go to to get his new EP, Hooks.
For your viewing pleasure, here's a taste of Chris working on some synth:


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