Monday, October 24, 2011

Get Your Copy of Dustin Monk & The Dirty Priests

For anyone who would like a copy of my first solo record, Dustin Monk & The Dirty Priests, you can now purchase copies through me. These are limited edition CDs, with three different covers: bicycle, compass, and telephone.

Just send $12 (shipping included for US) or $22 (for international) to my paypal account: In the note section, make sure to include your name and shipping address, the quantity (if more than 1), and which cover(s) you'd prefer.

Dustin Monk & The Dirty Priests was recorded at June Bug House in Eureka, IL August-September 2008 and released in November the same year. It's been called a set of "postmodern western songs of death and heartache," and "Blood on the Tracks' baby sister with a limp," by at least two crazy people.

1. Don't Be a Stranger/Black Widow
2. Say a Prayer for Watson
3. Eleven Crackerjack Blues
4. Goddamn the Good Girls
5. Are They Thinking About the Grape
6. Waiting on the Light #7
7. Brand New Blue Jeans
8. The Sexuality of Kick the Can

Running Time: 43 min.

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