Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Your Monday Morning Mock Playlist #3

Nom Nom Nom, your happy Fauxst is still chomping down turkey, Nom Nom Nom, which is why he's a day late, Nom Nom Nom, but he's made a post-T-giving mock playlist for your faux enjoyment.  Could this be the music the Native Americans played for the pilgrims way back when?  Wikipedia says it most likely was!  Nom Nom Nom.

This day in history (erm, November 29th, that is, wokka wokka) Operation Desert Storm ended, Kid Curry Logan goes to prison for 20 years, The Flying Scotsman is the first steam locomotive to exeed 100 mph (and consequently gave rise to the steampunk movement!), and Clay Aiken has a birthay!

Now, without further adieu:

1. Os Mutantes - "Dois Mil E Um" - Mutantes
2. Radiohead - "House of Cards" - In Rainbows
3. Girls - "Darling" - Album
4. Sun City Girls - "The Space Genie Hiss" - Box of Chameleons
5. Jitney - "Love Draws Blood" - 86-300
6. The Streets - "Don't Mug Yourself" - Original Pirate Material
7. The Brian Jonestown Massacre - "Nevertheless" - Bravery Repetition, and Noise
8. Modest Mouse - "Dark Center of the Universe" - The Moon & Antarctica
9. Brother Truck - "Around the World" - The Knave
10. Animal Collective - "Brother Sport" - Merriweather Post Pavilion
11. Kanye West - "Monster" - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
12. Jonsi - "Boy Lilikoi" - Go
13. The Tallest Man on Earth - "The Blizzard's Never Seen the Desert Sand" - Shallow Grave
14. The Hold Steady - "Sketchy Metal" - Almost Killed Me
15. Bob Dyaln - "It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry" - Highway 61 Revisited
16. King Khan & the Shrines - "69 Faces of Love" - What Is?!
17. Kurt Vile - "Amplifier" - Childish Prodigy
18. The Knife - "Neverland" - Silent Shout
19. Son House - "Empire State Express" - The Original Delta Blues
20. Women - "Woodbine" - Women

This Mock Playlist brought to you by A Day Late and a Dollar Short.  Whatever your needs, we'll almost get to you in time, but not quite.

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