Saturday, December 4, 2010

News of the Day: pa-rum-pa-rum-DRUMS!

Pierce is recording some serious drummage for the centerpiece of our record. The song is called, tentatively, "Bandwagon (Wrecking Ball)" and in an earlier post on this here blog, I uploaded the lyrics. Unfortunately, there's no video online (to my knowledge) to accompany the song because it is fairly new. Regardless, we're extremely proud of this song and can't wait for everyone to hear it.

While Pierce beats the toms and the snare, Chris, Justin, and I are all having a wonderful time with Fat Tire. Later on today or tomorrow we'll be putting down acoustic guitar, bass, and lead guitar for the song.

The songs on the record, also tentatively titled "Bandwagon," are coming along nicely. Some of the songs in the bag so far are: "Bandwagon (Abducted by Aliens)," "Helena, Helena," an as-of-yet untitled instrumental, "Brand New Blue Jeans," "What Fireworks," and "My Red Ant." Once we get 12-13 songs recorded, we'll decide which ones will make the cut and which ones won't, of course.

In other news: for those of you who enjoyed the moleksine stories my sister, Mandy, and I wrote, there will be more coming soon. After the New Year, we hope to set up a section in the Prospero Records online store where you can order these unique items from us online as well as purchasing them at shows. We're also working on a comic book series that we hope to unveil sometime next spring (more info on this later).

Mandy and I will also be recording a new Root Shoot Leaf record over Christmas and the New Year.  It's a mostly spontaneous affair with crunchy acoustic guitars, fuzz bass, and wildly hypnotic drums.  Oh, and words: probably lots of them.

In the politial arena: I think everyone should take a moment out of their day and sneak a peak at Wikileaks, if you haven't already. Feel free to agree or disagree with the leaked government cables as you will, but read them, at least, and judge for yourself, before this story is buried beneath which celebrity gets kicked off on the next Dancing With the Stars.

Until later, kiddos, let it snow, let it snow, bah humbug, etc.

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