Monday, December 6, 2010

Your Monday Morning Mock Playlist #4

Because it's that time of good cheer, your usually humbugged Fauxst is bringing to all of his faux-loyal (heretofore known as: fauxyalists) listeners an early holiday treat: a mock playlist of local/friendly bands! Many of these good folk are unknowns to the world at large, but here at WFOE 91.1, we don't discriminate.

This day in history Harriet Tubman escaped from slavery, the first human heart transplant was performed, the earliest known recording of the human voice is put to tape (singing "Mary Had a Little Lamb"), Hugo Chavez is elected President of Venezuela, and Judd Apatow was born.

This one's for all of the Fauxyalists!

1. The Black Fortys - "Dark Horse (big guns)/DEMO"
2. Distractions - "We Were Better Off in the Rain" - We Better Off in the Rain 7"
3. Nighty Night - "Abraham" - Nighty Night
4. Young Loves - "Violent Kiss" - Wake Up Teenage
5. Netherfriends - "Friends With Lofts" - Calling You Out EP
6. The Kissing Club - "Dirty Feet" - Hooks EP
7. The Nothingheads - "Gerhard and Ernie"
8. Legs Like Straw - "Out in the West" - Out in the West EP
9. Evro - "Ready to Go" - Evro
10. Secondary Modern - "Burned to the Treeline" - Vaudeville Ghosts
11. Tin Tin Can - "Funeral Waltz" - Confetti Machete
12. Mana Kintorso - "Queen of the Neighborhood"
13. 100 Monkeys - "Arizona" - Grape
14. Darling - "Brown Autumn Sunlight" - The Night in Bloom
15. Barilium - Rough Night
16. Drew & the Medicinal Pen - "Paper Rockets" - dream, dream, fail, repeat
17. Himalayas - "...a hole in the wall let's the devil in" - Yeti Slang
18. Root Shoot Leaf - "Horseface in the Flames" - Live at Hanger 9
19. Adam Faucett - "Look Out Below" - Show Me Magic, Show Me Out
20. The Stevedores - "Hardwired" - Tamuawok

This Mock Playlist brought to you by Late Nights With Manischewitz.  When you're down and out, Manischewitz's got your back: she'll sit with you and keep you warm on that lonesome back porch step.

*The artwork is, again, from Mandy Monk's collection.
+Your Fauxst has linked every band this morning to their myspace accounts; though he in no way condones the use of myspace or facebook during work hours (wink wink, nudge nudge, elbow to the sternum, whoops, sorry).


  1. ahh, i wanna hear all these! i supposedly have an mp3 recording of that taped "mary had a little lamb" first recorded thing ever thing. thing thing record. nice work, midwest kids. i've grown very fond of a lot of your friends' bands.

    denise sistrunk

  2. Hello, Denise! How have you been?