Thursday, February 10, 2011

This Week in Song: New Tin Tin Can "Any Stone"

This Week in Song showcases a new series wherein I perform a song a week (or thereabouts) in various locations around wherever I'm at at the moment. The first for your viewing pleasure is a new song I've written for Tin Tin Can called "Any Stone." The band has worked up a slightly different - and certainly less goofy version - of this song and we'll be performing it at the Friends of Spencer Bell concert and upcoming shows as well.

When we recorded this the temperature outside was around -4 with a windchill of who knows what. About halfway through the song I stopped being able to feel my fingers making the chords.


  1. Nice. I look forward to hearing it along with your other new stuff. Though it will have to wait for Austin for me

    By the way, i'm mildly curious and/or worried about the apparent severed head in the back window of that car...

  2. LOL Lisa...I just noticed that too!!!

    Thanks for sharing that video! =) I think we'll all be eager to hear that live.

  3. We're definitely looking forward to playing it out. Don't know if it'll make the record yet, but it's kind of a drunkenly fun song to play.

    Also, yeah. The head! The head!!!!