Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Post-Carbondale: Day 1

I returned Monday afternoon from a four-day trip to Carbondale, IL, where I went to university, and met some of the best folks around. This trip there was a lot drinking, a lot of jamming, a lot of Jeopardy!, and Trivial Pursuit 1984, a lot of deer meat, a cookout, and laughter. It was good to see all them kids again (as well as meeting a few new ones) and I look forward to returning soon.

Here is a recap of my day since returning from Carbondale:

Read two chapters in Gene Wolfe's The Shadow of the Torturer

Watched the first part of Carlos: The Miniseries, chronicling the life of Carlos the Jackal, an international terrorist

Perused 2666 by Roberto Bolano for the fiftieth time

Made pizza rolls (twice)

Talked to a buzzing fly but did not, I repeat, did not swallow it

Read a Clarion story by the talented Kali Wallace

Wrote a bit more in a new short story

Worked on the novel

Despised writing "worked on the novel" in blog

Drank too much water, peed a lot

Absently wondered (again) why the media ignores Ron Paul

Took a long walk

I'm off to the library next to look for some books on ancient Chinese culture and military.

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