Monday, January 10, 2011

News of the Day: Tin Tin Can

Over the weekend, Tin Tin Can learned two new songs.  "Michael" is a fast rocker that Justin sings; and "Any Stone" is a Harry Nillson-twangy piece that I sing.  Both of the titles are, of course, working.  We're hoping to play these songs at the next few shows, however, Mike was unable to attend the practices this weekend.  We'll be working him into the songs over the next couple of weeks.

In recording news, we've got a batch of songs - 13 or 14 of 'em - ready to lay down basic tracks.  We're looking for a long weekend in Detroit; though if that doesn't happen, we'll be setting our sights for Carbondale, IL.  No matter what, we're pretty certain this record should be finished by spring or early summer and we seriously cannot wait to get out to you!

Last Saturday night, I was priveleged to see one of the best Chicago bands perform at the Beak Kitchen. The Hit Back are an electro-acoustic duo.  They're making some of the catchiest, coolest music I've heard of late and suggest everyong check it out (they'll have an album out soon, I'm told).  Also, if you haven't heard the MIA mixtape, Vicki Leekx, I also recommend that.  What is everybody looking forward to musically in 2011?  I've got Fleet Foxes and Radiohead (fingers crossed) and Panda Bear on my list.

And, although I don't always agree with Pitchfork, their best new track'd Smith Westerns song, "All Die Young," is right on the money.  I've always enjoyed the Smith Westerns brand of pop, but never felt it quite hit the way it should the way this one does.  It's like a weird hybrid baby of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and T. Rex, and for shits and giggles, Gary Glitter.

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  1. Yo, it's Marah. My brother's running a studio here in Chicago where he records bands for prettttttttty cheap. (Like real cheap) and he's really good. If you want to talk to him, hit me up.

  2. Hey, Marah! Thanks. We may do just that. I'll inform the guys.