Monday, January 3, 2011

What's New in 2011: Things to Come

I hope everyone that had sufficiently gluttoned themselves during the holidays are on the mend, now that they're over.  I know I am.  During the two week absence from this blog, I managed eat far too much good food, take a trip to Terre Haute to watch a basketball game, watch Black Swan and True Grit (both of which I recommend; though neither are particularly great movies), see some old friends, search high and low for a toothbrush, work a couple of days at Woodford County Sheriff's Department, eat too much again, receive some great gifts, work on a world-building a new fantasy world with two friends and business partners, drink lots of alcohol (including finishing off a bottle of Seagram's and Jim Beam in approximately 2 nights), and write first drafts of a weird science fiction story and a flash fiction dark fantasy.

Now, however, 2011 is upon us and it's that time of year when we make those, gulp, "resolutions" to make it a better year than the previous.  This is going to hard for me.  Last year was pretty great.  Including the aforementioned activities of the last two weeks, in 2010 I also went from full-time to part-time at the Sheriff's Department.  My band, Tin Tin Can, toured the southwest, playing in Dallas and Little Rock and Carbondale, among other places and many of these shows were some of the best I've ever had the privelege to perform, with some of the finest, most enthusiastic audiences I've ever played to.

The biggest event that happened last year was, of course, getting accepted to and attending Clarion Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers' Workshop in San Diego.  I still haven't quite found the right words to sum up this experience.  There are days still where I don't feel I've fully returned from San Diego.  Clarion was six weeks of intensive storywriting and storyreading. I was instructed by seven of the finest writers of any genre and have made wonderful friendships with all of my Clarion classmates (all of whom are also fantastic writers and, no, I'm not just saying that: ask Asimov's or Fantasy or F&SF or Weird Tales or the Boston Review: they'll say the same thing).  At any rate, Clarion clicked on something in my head and I haven't been the same since - and that's a good thing.

Because of Clarion, last year I wrote 10 stories - 6 at Clarion and 4 post-Clarion, began working on a novel, and a serial for this blog (more on this in a moment), received 19 rejections with 1 publication in a non-paying market, Aphelion Magazine Online.

So.  What's in store for 2011?  I don't like the word "resolution" so instead I'm using "goals."  These are the personal goals I hope to achieve in 2011:

1. Write 700 words of fiction/day
2. Edit/Revise 1 story/month
3. Submit at least 1 story on even-numbered months
4. Have completed a very rough draft of the novel by July
5. Compose 1 song a month

Here are some personal goals I hope to achieve, but do not have any real say-so in the matter (as these goals also depend on others to achieve them and, in some cases, unlikely odds):

1. Finish recording Tin Tin Can LP
2. 7" with Distractions and/or Kissing Club
3. Publication in semipro to pro market
4. Tour, tour, tour

In reference to the serial, Hot Town, I will be returning to work on that in a few weeks' time.  I'm working on getting the first Volume finished (there will be 6 volumes total, each with 10 episodes; Vol. 1, Episodes 1 & 2 are up for perusal now).  I should resume posting each Friday with a new episode by mid-January.  Your Monday Morning Mock Playlists will also be returning.  I also hope to have one essay on the nature of writing or music or, hell, anything I want once a month.  This ends the transmission.
What are your plans for this year?  What goals do you hope to achieve and how do you plan on achieving them? What are you looking forward to in 2011?


  1. If I wasn't so lazy and self-indulgent, I'd be really inspired by your "goals".
    Oh, wait... maybe there are some goals in that sentence for me to strive towards. Being less lazy? Sounds hard work. Guess that's the point, right?

    I try not to make goals and resolutions. I'm just aiming for a good year. Maybe with a better job, more travel and more time with friends and family. We'll see how that goes!

    Good luck with your writing. I totally envy people with creativity. I'd really love to read some more of your stuff!

  2. Good luck with the good year, Bex! That's a worthy endeavor in itself!

    I'll certainly be posting more of the serial soon-ish. Thanks!