Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rothfuss Signing: Pre-Party

This evening I'll be driving to the Oak Brook Borders, rain and bad transmission be damned, for the reading and subsequent book-signing of Patrick Rothfuss, author of The Name of the Wind and the just released Wise Man's Fear. Unfortunately, I do not have my copy of Wise Man's Fear yet because Amazon has failed to deliver so far. (Although I'm particularly looking forward to the second half of that Amazon order: Robert Walser's The Microscripts, but more on that in a post this weekend-ish when I receive the book.)

Okay, so first I have to come clean: I haven't read anything by Rothfuss but I've heard a lot about him: he's a heroic fantastist, and considered a gem in the field. He's also written a not-for-children children's book that I hope is available for purchase at the signing because it sounds very perverse and amusing. Clarionites Leah and Dallas both positively luurve the books - in fact, Dallas posted about the Rothfuss signing he went to here.

Like Dallas, I also intend to ask Rothfuss some questions concerning world-building, along with character development and frame stories, if given the chance. If someone else beats me to that particular punch, perhaps I'll ask his opinions on the demise of the bookstore (I'm being only a little facetious here, of course). However, I may inquire as to his thoughts on the growing popularity of ebooks and the future of publishing.

At any rate, if there's any one of you readers who wishes to accompany me tonight, the reading is at 7pm at the Oak Brook Borders. We'll get some coffee, talk shop, listen to a what I understand is a nice and funny man reading some words he's put together well, and show whatever rain is coming that we will not be defeated.

Oh. Right. The pre-party. I'm going to drink a cup of jasmine tea and finish reading the novella, "Empire Star."

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