Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Recording: Sea Secrets! Fossils! Fictions!

Today was spent mostly recording percussion and guitar with my sister, Mandy, on her project, Sea Secrets! Fossils! Fictions!. Judging from what she already had recorded this is going to be one awesome EP. Hopefully, my additions helped in some small way. Mandy'll be continuing with this project as Tin Tin Can heads to Austin, though from the looks of things today, most of the hard work is done. What's left is mostly mixing and mastering, except for one song which needs a bit more. I'm not sure yet when this will be available for listening, but I'm guessing sometime in May or June at the latest.

Here are some pictures taken while we were recording.

I am playing slide guitar with the Spencer Bell shotglass.

An alternate name for Sea Secrets! Fossils! Fictions! is Mandy, the Accordion and the Gas Mask.

Where the magic happens.

Hitting a tom and thinking very hard about it.

Drum close-up!

Mandy is thinking, Why oh why.

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  1. not to quibble, but it's actually "seasecrets!fossils!fictions!" Yes - lower case letters and a lack of spaces is important. GET IT RIGHT! turd.

    also, lets go terraform mars.