Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Story Wants Your Eyes: Prime Mincer Update

Just a reminder for those what want good stories to read (and those what don't: for shame!), Prime Mincer's Spring Issue, with my story "Shiny Things," is now available from their website and Amazon and Smashwords (for those what like ebooks).

The issue features many other wonderful writers and I'm proud to be included in the magazine's premiere issue. The lovely cover photo on your left comes courtesy of Eric Robinson.

"Shiny Things" was written during the final week of Clarion and I'll always associate a certain melancholia with it because of this. I intend to write several more short stories concerning the main character in "Shiny Things," as his voice is one of my favorites to write in.

Anyway, I think it's raining outside wherever you are and that always makes for a fine reading time, don't you think? Oh, and so does sunshine, or overcast, cold or hot or...well, you get the picture.

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