Wednesday, April 27, 2011


For those of what haven't been watching facebook the past few days, my sister's EP, seasecrets!fossils!fictions!: the dragon tree, is available now from her bandcamp page. That link will take you there where you can download the record for free right now. Pretty soon, it will be available at Prospero Records, if you'd like a hard copy.

Mandy recorded this in her garden apartment with Justin Turner, Lindsay Southern, and myself. A couple of things about this record: these are Mandy's finest songs to date (and she had some excellent songs in our former band, Root Shoot Leaf); "Backyard" has my favorite bassline that I've written for a song; though the dragon tree is only 5 songs, the songs flow together seamlessly, and even tell a story of sorts.

In Root Shoot Leaf, Mandy and I collaborated on a lot of songs and a lot of records in a short period of time (something like 5 full-lengths and 3 EPs in 4 years), but this is Mandy's first release since Root Shoot Leaf's demise in 2008. It was worth the wait.

Above and below is the awesome artwork (also by Mandy) for the record. Enjoy.

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