Friday, July 15, 2011

My Story Wants Your Eyes: Digital Science Fiction Update

In case you missed the Facebook and Twitter hubbub earlier this week, my story, "El Camino," published in Digital Science Fiction Anthology 2: Therefore I Am, is available now for the Amazon Kindle. This particular story is a revised version of a Clarion submission story - at that time titled "Going to California." It concerns two down-on-their-luck drunks in the near-future trying to get out of a town on the edge of war. One of them, a wounded military veteran, gets wind of a deal that seems to good to be true but might get them out of town.

Buy it here. For those of you without Kindles, it is also available at smashwords in other digital formats. There will also be a print version available on Amazon near the end of July.

I'm usually reading something and/or listening to music while writing. While I was writing this particular piece (in its original version) I was reading a lot of Raymond Carver, particularly, What We Talk About When We Talk About Love. In my opinion, Carver is king of the anti-hero and "dirty realism." What I particularly love about Carver is the quiet intensity of his work, his sense of the tragic, and desperation so profound it's almost unspeakable. If you haven't read him yet, I suggest you do. I'll let you decide whether you purchase it before or after you've bought Digital Science Fiction Anthology 2, of course. Heh.

I'm proud to have my story alongside these writers: Tom Barlow, James C Bassett, Annie Bellet, Tab Earley, Bruce Golden, Shawn Howard, Tomas L Martin, David Steffen, and Martin L Shoemaker. The cover above is pretty cool too.

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