Monday, July 18, 2011

Your Monday Morning Mock Playlist #11

Over the weekend your Fauxst attended Pitchfork Music Festival with his Clarionite buddy, Leah Thomas, and had a rollicking good time listening to some great music. In particular: Tune-Yards, James Blake, Deerhunter, and Cut Copy. In other news, it was hot; water never tasted so pure.

Not so much because of the festival, but perhaps inspired by it, here is a mock playlist of projects your Fauxst has been involved with:

1. II of Jackanapes - "Sensual Ego Massage/Happy Endings" - II of Jackanapes
2. Dustin Monk & The Dirty Priests - "Don't Be a Stranger/Black Widow" - Dustin Monk & The Dirty Priests
3. Root Shoot Leaf - "Radio Blues" - Stars Are For Wishing, Wishes Are For Wells
4. seasecrets!fossils!fictions! - "1982" - The Dragon Tree
5. Dustin Monk & The Dirty Priests - "One Step Closer" - Singersongwriter
6. Tin Tin Can - "Dead Uncle Jones" - The Devil & the Mockingbird
7. Root Shoot Leaf - "Horse Face in the Flames" - The Gallows
8. Dustin Monk & the Dirty Priests - "Eleven Crackerjack Blues" - Dustin Monk & the Dirty Priests
9. Tin Tin Can - "Distance from the Moon" - The Devil & the Mockingbird
10. The Pheonix - "Mandy's Doing Dishes" - Goodbye, Goodbye Blue Monday

This mock playlist brought to you by Who Cares Trivia.
Q: Did you know that Dustin misspelled his original high school band The Phoenix as "The Pheonix" because he thought it was cool that The Beatles misspelled their name; of course, The Beatles had a reason - they played "beat music."
A: No! Who cares!
Q: I know, right!

Who Cares Trivia is fun for the whole family!

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