Friday, July 8, 2011

Tin Tin Can Recording: Vocals

Over the 4th of July weekend Justin, Chris, and I returned to Detroit and Magnetic Recording to record much of the vocals for the upcoming Tin Tin Can record. During the Father's Day Sessions, we used a D19 mic for scratch vocals and we liked how it sounded enough to want to use it for the leads. Even the cats seemed to enjoy it - they sat on the stage most of the day, staring at either us as we sang.

On Sunday, after about six hours of vocals, we had a cookout at the studio. Mark, the engineer, grilled chicken kababs and hot dogs on the stoop; some of his neighbors joined us too. They brought amazing potato and black-eyed pea salads and cupcakes, but the highlight was twenty feet of homemade sausage. One of the neighbors - I didn't catch his name - told me how to make his famous pizza. Someone brought a BB gun.

Around 9pm Sunday night, bellies full and heads buzzed, Justin laid down vocals on the final song of the night - the atmospheric and brooding "God Ain't to Blame." Then we went to watch fireworks from a CVS parking lot. I don't know - it just felt right.

Noteworthy Asides:

1. Chris's mother made us more of her awesome mac and cheese, which we gobbled up in no time.

2. Correction on the cats' names: they are Lucky (the TV star), and Micro (the one who lets you pet him).

3. Mark has a 45 of the Beatles' "Paperback Writer/Rain" with the Butcher cover on the vinyl.

4. Chris's father gave me a Hartke (bass, amplification, and guitar) t-shirt.

5. Biodome may well be a 90s classic. Quote: "Turn it back; I want to see if the sniper killed the clown at the mall." Or: "I told you I injured my bladder rollerblading."

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