Monday, June 6, 2011

Recording in Detroit

This past weekend Tin Tin Can were in the Motor City to record demos of the song that'll make up our upcoming full length. We recorded 11 songs at Magnetic Studios. I could tell you it was a seedy area of town, but it's Detroit, so... When we got there, the owner of Magnetic, Mark, was laying down tar (I think) on the potholed side alley. Beneath the alley is the echo chamber he's been working and where Chris's guitar will most likely be recorded when we return in two weeks.

Altogether we'll have 13-14 songs (we recorded a few previously) to choose from after the Father's Day Recording Sessions. After these sessions we're hoping to have to do some only some vocal work and overdubs on a few things and then it's just mixing and mastering to finish it. I'm going to give any specifics on release dates because we've done that in the past and, obviously, time has proven us wrong. But we're very excited about these songs (some of which no one has heard as yet) and we're doing our best to get it in your hands.

Magnetic Studios was, once a upon a time, a venue for live music. There is a balcony-of-sorts with vintage sofas for lounging in. There are cool little tables and booths on the ground level. There are two cats - one black, one black and white - who love to have their backs scratched.

Here are some more photos of the band during the sessions.

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