Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tin Tin Cat at the Viaduct

The Viaduct was one of our weirder shows. The venue is typically for theater performances and there was a stage set into one wall with lots of open space around it and a smattering of chairs set against the other walls. Also, it was very dark. Looking out from the stage was like looking down a mineshaft or into a dark cavern. We played well, which is the important thing, but it was a very surreal experience. It really did feel like, at any moment, a stalactite might fall from the ceiling and split the top of my head wide open; or an illuminated, blind fish might wriggle out of the depths and onto the stage, flapping and flipping about.

So, then. The photos.

Don't forget: I'll be blogging and tweeting from inside the studio as Tin Tin Can works on our upcoming full-length this Saturday and Sunday. Look out!

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