Monday, June 13, 2011

What Happens in Kearney, Stays in Kearney

A few weeks ago Moddang, my mother, and I traveled to Kearney, NE to celebrate my daughter Nova's 10th birthday. The Ramada we stayed at had two weddings that weekend. Moddang and I were fortunate enough to accidentally wander into one while the bride was walking down the aisle. Oops.

There was much swimming in ice cold pools and pizza and ice cream; there was even a frantic search for the elusive "Nookman's Books." Here are some pictures not of those events with witty(?) captions.

Above, left: This is out side the Children's Museum of Kearney, though I don't know why this "Surf Shack" is here. It was cold that day and, umm, it's Nebraska. Unless...corn-surfing, perhaps?
Above, right: Moments after this picture was taken, I collapsed. I have weak arms.

I think this picture speaks for itself.

It turns out the Children's Museum is really more for those 3 year olds. Nova pretty much made fun of everything. I, clearly, fit right in.

 My mother playing a "Yankee Doodle" fugue.

Yes, I am that guy. "Put the helmet on or no ice cream, dearie. I don't care if you're embarrassed."

 This was the coolest thing the Children's Museum had to offer and, as you can see, not that cool. I do like beetles and moths, but I've seen better.

At The Big Apple, Nova played some sort of Price is Right rip-off. Did she get the 1,000?

It's hard to see, but there were tons of these windmills in the Iowan countryside. Our great-great-grandchildren will call these "windmill graveyards."


  1. That looks like a ton of fun!! Thanks for sharing the photos. I like the Surf Shack one... She's a beautiful girl and hello?!! HER DAD IS A ROCKSTAR.

  2. Thanks!

    Also note: Those "moths" are possibly butterflies. I really don't know that much about insects.