Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tin Tin Can Recording: Father's Day Sessions, Day 1

These next few posts will mostly be pictures because, umm, recording is hard and hasn't left me with lots of free time. We worked diligently for thirteen hours yesterday, getting some really good takes on songs; today will be no different. I will have a rundown of antics and other nefarious deeds done in Pontiac later this week. Until then, enjoy these. I'll post more as time allows.

Mike tuning up.

Mike's guitar pedals. I'll see if I can get a pic of the elusive Chris B.'s tomorrow.

 Mike and Pierce in the studio.

The head and cab. It sits high up and away from all the rest of the amps, in the cold mountainous regions of the studio.

The carefully placed paperback and money. This book is amazing! So is that money!

The elusive Chris B., blurred and shrouded by the flash of a camera, as always.

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  1. THIS POST PLEASES ME!!! :) I so wish that I could ever be there for that. Man, oh man.

    Thanks for sharing this, Dusty! Now get to a mirror and take a photo of yourself!